Week Long Challenge: Learning to Use the Pen Tool for illustrator

The pen tool is an essential tool for using Adobe illustrator is what I learned after reading 5 essential tips to use as a beginner in illustrator. I challenged myself to learn how to use this tool since at first it can seem awkward and un-useful but after practice it makes creating images and editing much easier to do. My challenge is to start out easy using the pen tool to create or practice something every day and gradually move onto harder things and post it here in this article. Here it is:

Day 1:



I simply drew my name for the first day. With the pen tool it’s easy to make straight lines and also adjust each point/line to be even ( I didn’t do these letters on my first try).

Day 2:


On day two I practiced another way to link lines that will give you more precise curves in tracing shapes using click+drag+alt. I received this from a tutorial from CMVA tutorials (by the way, I didn’t design the superman logo but traced the shapes inside to give color. You can also have illustrator trace the shape which is much easier, but this was practice with the pen tool.

Day 3

Day 3-01

Day three I watched a nice tutorial and using the tips in their I traced this shark I found (credit to Jack Y Zang). Mine is at the top. I learned something very simple that helped me tremendously. By clicking on the node mid-draw with the pen tool you delete the “future” line that wants to predict what to do next but isn’t what I wanted. This made it much easier to continue tracing without having to exit and redraw. Great tips from pixelmoshpit on youtube.

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